2014 Wake Island Mud Run

Heroik Media working with Wake Island Water Sports created the 2014 Wake Island Mud Run.

Project Overview: The Wake Island Mud Run was a 5k, family friendly fun run around the Wake Island WaterPark in Roseville, CA. This was a massive project with a lean budget and unique constraints. The goal was to create a family friendly event, that would increase exposure and awareness of the cable wakeboarding park. The event resulted in the bringing record attendance for the next 2 consecutive seasons.

The Heroik Team:

  • Lead design of the course, (as we’re mud-run fanatics)
  • Created the website, Facebook Page and Marketing Materials
  • Built a mailing list of over 2500 people (not bad for a 2.5 month window and lean budget)
  • Marketed the event, Online, on foot, and on the news
  • Created the Mud Bucket Challenge to attract attention
  • Gave hundreds of FREE tickets to Military Service Men, Women and their families
  • Brought in sponsors and partners including State Farm Insurance,
  • Raised money for Susan G. Komen Foundation.
  • This mud run was also like any other in the region in that the full race could be enjoyed by the whole family. There was no 1k kids only run, fathers and mothers and daughters and sons were able to run the entirety of the course together, making it a true family friendly event. THIS IS HUGE UNIQUE MOMENT FOR FAMILIES, that is different from most races. This is best explained in the video below.

Disclaimer – We didn’t create the video, we made the experience possible.

The experience of being able to this as a family, primed attendees that the water park in general was a hub for more experiences that bring the whole family together in a fun and deeper way than other facilities.

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