Ruck For The Fur- Preview Run

Project Overview

The Ruck For the Fur was designed to be a military style, team-building, group event for active cross-fit types, benefitting the SPCA. Throughout the 10k ruck, participants would be hauling bags of pet food from a local park, all the way to the SPCA, where they would create a pet food pyramid. The pet food could be distributed with adopted pets as a helpful addition. We created the concept, course, and did the dry run to be launched as an event in Roseville. This was not for the feint of heart, but gave the active community a challenge that was more unique than your garden variety 10k.

The result: Unfortunately, the local SPCA, believe it or not turned down the free pet food donation idea, and simply wanted a portion of the proceeds, without partnership or exchange of any kind, which was ethically and cost prohibitive at the time. The attitude and experience with the local office went against our values, so we shelved the project and look forward to bringing it to a different locale. If you’d like us to bring this to your neck of the woods, simply email We’d love to make it happen!

We experimented with various badging rewards/tokens to further Heroik cultural development.

We set a hardcore rough and tumble theme and created workout and mental challenges to balance breaks and ensure participants were never bored or unengaged.

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