I Don’t Know About You, But I Gotta Be Me

A great commercial reminding you – to enjoy being you.

Let them be them and you be you. Unsubscribe from the idolatry of celebrity, and the guilt and shame placed upon you by society. Cultivate authenticity, grab a drink, find a beach, and practice being you for a while.

Many people seem lost in awe, impressed and amazed at the achievements of others, and use the distance between themselves and those on the pedestal to further permit our own lack of achievement. Most people will mimic in the most minimal of ways; buying the same crap, saying the same things, and trying the same things, hoping for success. The process of modeling/copying those we admire is worthwhile as we find ourselves. Don’t get lost in the stories of others. Find a pair of shoes that fit and wander into your own identity.

You can do something…

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