Everyday is the Start of a New Origin Story – Who Will You Become Today?

Every day is the start of a new origin story.
Rising from the rubble, rut and troubles of yesterday,
With weathered skills and scars from failures and successes,
You are given a choice. Who will you become today?
What are you working toward?
Hero or villain? You decide who you reveal to the world.
You start off in the dark and the light creeps in,
You will catch a glimmer of vision and direction.
Driven on one path. Forward.
Today will be awkward, challenging and imperfect.
Soon, you’ll find your legs.
You’ll break through walls, defy expectations,
You’ll stretch your mind to discern the important.
Filter the noise and ignore naysayers.
Each step you unfold, shedding a bit of the old and worn,
Cultivating a bit of the better, refining the whole,
Inching towards something new entirely.
Your efforts known to the world
Proud to have you as its own.
You’ll take time to rest and reflect
And insight will reach you,
More to find, more to reach for,
More challenges to face,
And more to enjoy.
That is the work of tomorrow.

Who are you choosing to be today? Right now? Remember that you’re given a choice.

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