Repel Disingenuous NewAgers With These 7 Videos From JP Sears

Ahh the new-age movement, a great way to insulate yourself from criticism and responsibility, and rationalize your career as a migrant barista, yoga instructor, while making most of your money from trimming weed or peddling ayahuaska. Confusing the commercialized new-age movement for enlightened thought, can lead you the ridiculous passive-aggressive, ultra-competitive movement of douchebaggery of our day. Don’t confuse the trappings of the new-age movement with a sincere and concentrated commitment to real growth and personal development.

Here to help you laugh at yourself, and others, and in that humor find real development is JP Sears. In his video series “Ultra Spiritual” he points out the hilarious flaws, and unthought ideas that new-agers seem to operate on. Showing these videos to all your friends on Facebook is a great way to insulate yourself from the sillier, disingenuous aspects of new-age culture and spiritual materialism. More importantly, it will help you not take the material/visual aspects the spiritual journey so seriously for yourself or others. Laugh, share and enjoy!

Being “Ultra Spiritual” is just the beginning. JP Sears has a hilarious video series that pretty much covers every aspect of bullshit, new-age pseudo-culture. Be sure to show all of these to your new age friends who seek to show you how “enlightened” they are by comparing themselves to you… while simultaneously avoiding contributing to society, mooching for money to get to tickets to WanderLust, surrounding themselves in hemp clothes, essential oils and yoga clothes.

My personal favorite “How to Be a Life Coach” sums up a huge chunk of those trying to take advantage of the gullible.

No introduction to JP Sears is complete without an attack on new-age pyramid schemes, and multi-level/network marketing “business” than his take on using essential oils.

Vegans too deserve a taste of their own medicine, and JP calls them to the matt in episode 35 “If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans” and you’ll laugh into your burger as JP points out the profound arbitrary and subjective judgements of Vegans – with a little help from our friend meat.

Oh and you know you can’t talk about new-age without talking about yoga!

Ayahuaska – you’re not peddling a controlled substance or being a drug dealer, you’re a Shawman providing the fast track spiritual enlightenment!

And finally, if you think he’s a total quack or jerk, here’s a serious video where he explains who he is and what he’s all about.

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