Use Scrubly to Clean Up Contacts, Quickly, Effectively and Easily

You might be amazed how many people deal with this contact conundrum- the years and in some cases, decades build up of contacts. Layer upon layer of stale and duplicate contact data rotting your Outlook database and virtual Rolodex of various flavors. Avoiding the inevitable time consuming, manual, contact reconciliation. After years spent fighting a losing battle, finally there’s a solution out there that doesn’t put your data at risk and minimizes the time, effort and energy required to sort it out. It’s a service called Scrubly.

Scrubly is a very secure, cloud-based contact clean-up service, that saves a ton of time and minimizes the time, effort, and energy.

Big Features

  • Automatically backs up all of your contacts throughout the process. In case something goes haywire, you can always go back. The backups are stored securely on their servers,
  • Merges compatible contacts- Scrubly shines better than most applications here.
  • Removes Duplicate contacts from Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook, and Mac email clients.
  • Outlook features include dealing with multiple PST’s, specific, individual folders or all of them.
  • Flags contact records with limited info for reconciliation, helping you quickly decide if you need to junk a contact or not.

All of these wonderful features are done quickly in a very user friendly environment, that makes each and every step a blissful progression towards contact clarity.

Brass Tax

Let’s talk pricing:

  • $10 one time allows you to scrub an unlimited number of contacts for that instance. I chose this option to clean up an Outlook, Gmail and Google Apps contacts into one accurate database.
  • $25 Gets you a years worth of contact scrubbing, which is a good option if you plan on using the service on more than 2 computers.
  • Free for 250 contacts and under. 250 Contacts is the threshold for when you could probably sort it out yourself.

How it Works

1. Sign up for an account (takes seconds)

2. Select the type of contact database you’d like to scrub.

3. Install the little client.

4.  Process  the contacts- a little time needed here to reconcile, remove duplicates and merge contacts, but scrubly by far, has the most efficient and pleasant process for this step.

5. Update the contact lists all around.

Check out Scrubly here.

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  1. Chase Smith

    Just wanted to point out that your title has Scrubly spelled as “Srubly.”

    As well as say that my experience with this service has really been wonderful. I was fortunate to get in on the beta and it has really saved me a couple times. Both times due to me being my own worst enemy!

    • thechivalrous

      Sorry about that. Corrected. Glad to hear your experience with it was awesome as well.


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