Beer Lovers: How to Get a FREE Breweries of The United States Map

Just in time for Father’s day. This is a good web trick with an epic pay off. Have you ever tried to snag an image from the web (for personal use) only to get a file called spaceball.gif or some other image? Protecting creative works is important, but so is the art of capturing great visuals for scrapbooking purposes or what have you.You can use tools like snagit or jing to screen-capture the image. or stitch together zoomed in snippits of the high res version using Microsoft’s PhotoSynth software, but there is also usually an easier way.

Pop Charts Labs for example, makes this great 40×30 inch map of Breweries of the United States.  I love this map. I don’t love paying $30. So how does one obtain said map or at least admire the full image in all of it’s high res glory? For this trick you need to use FireFox or Google Chrome Browser.

Beer Map Manifesting Exercise

  1. Visit Pop Charts Labs Map page
  2. Left click on the map to bring up the zoom browser view.
  3. Right click or option click and select “View Selection Source” in Firefox or “View Page Source” in Google Chrome
  4. Look for a link that ends in an image file. See the example below.better
  5. Ignore the numbers after the extension (.png)
  6. Enter the URL of the image and end with the image extension.
  7. Enjoy the full image in all it’s HD glory.
  8. Save & print it out at KINKOS for less than half the price.  It’s only $30- pay homage to the creators.
  9. 1 Step Method, click below to view the full image:
  10. breweries_of_the_us_small


10. Pay your dues! Pay for your print and enjoy it in all it’s glory on your wall. $30 available at Pop Charts Labs

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