Compare Your Talk With Your Walk & Address The Disparities

Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.

-Joe Biden

This is a great nugget and reminder to walk your talk that applies well to business and life. Compare your budget and efforts with your words and check for consistency. Take a look at where you are actually spending your time, effort and energy and compare that to what you are telling yourself and others that you’re doing. Then, resolve the disparities.

How did you budget your time today?

What you think you did:

  • Made headway on important work
  • Built/strengthened important connections & key relationships

What people think you did:

  • Stayed connected & in touch with community
  • Got plenty of work done and have the luxury of free time

What you actually did:

  • Answered 5 work emails
  • Liked things on FB
  • Repinned things on Pinterest
  • Tweeted about things you’ve liked & pinned
  • Confused the former with actual work
  • Ignored or barely touched the heavy lifting on your projects

Compare Your Talk With Your Walk and Address the Disparities. There are likely to be some. Course correct and reconnect with your mission. See our post on mission focus.


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