To Improve, Be Brave, Admit Problems, Face Them & Implement Solutions

Often, we avoid hard truths and tough talks because they are the verbal vegetables of society. Some things however distasteful, are in fact quite healthy and important. And we know it. You know it’s good for you. So, what kind of brussel sprouts are we talking about today? Well, now is as good a time as any to talk a little bit about our country’s culture and one specific challenge we can solve.

The many problems that can be connected to a nugget of insight are many.  Here’s  a simple observation.

We are more vocal and less active than ever.

Much of what we do say is a response to the sensational and outrageous. And the way we say it, isn’t in some form of careful or considerate debate or discussion, nor is it around long enough to be checked for alignment with our values. It is ephemeral, gone in a moment, lost to the feed.

The 80/20 of it is that we spend 80% of our time, energy and attention expressing ourselves in such fleeting ways, too fleeting to be meaningful or engaging. And we spend 20% of our time at best, taking action in our lives.

When I say vocal, I do not include the expressions of ourselves that take longer than a fart, and last longer than a fart. We don’t stop to create art or add context to our own photos anymore. And it’s sad. We’re capturing more moments, yet telling fewer stories, and so on. And we’re more unhappy, less informed, and poorer thinkers for it.

There’s hope if we’re willing to do the work.

We can reverse this 80/20 and spend more time on meaningful expressions (a fuller art, broader context, longer discussion, and considerate analysis) and thoughtful actions that actually bring solution, relief and fulfillment.

We can frame a solution, by reversing the 80/20 ratio of time, energy, and attention spent on being vocal and less active. If we were more active and involved in our own lives, and spent less time in the fuss and chorus of suffering, what solutions might we have? What incremental improvements might we achieve? What new ideas might form? What new businesses and empires and families and activities might arise? What dreams may come from such a ratio?
Some Practical Solutions
Don’t just shout once, say more, make art, add context and content. Have an opinion longer than a tweet or status update.
Share context and content of your life and character. Let the world know who you are by sharing more stories, that explain who, what, why, when, and how. Don’t just take pictures with “this is me on a plane” “this is me on a boat” “this is me in a moat while wearing a coat” The many moments in life you may one day not remember so fondly. We could all leave behind better stories, and guidestones for others.
“Hope lies in bravery and we need hope.” -King Cylus in the show “Kings” a modern retelling of the story of King David

If you’re interested in the creative solve for this, Click on over to The Discerning Man article

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