Video Roundup: Learn How to Tie Essential Knots

I was not a scout growing up and am making up for it now. I have a tendency to learn how to do things and then forget them if I don’t use them. I am also a visual learner and will get lost in diagrams if given enough time to wander. Thank the maker for the invention of youtube. I was able to watch some videos and practice with some paracord. Now I am prepped and ready to lay siege to castles, set trip wires, and tie innocent peasants civilians to trees. Or help get a truck out of the mud, lash down gear, and other activities that require less testosterone.

Knots are important. Whether you’re using them to tie up your little sisters, rig a fishing line or tie down a load in the truck, knots. It’s true that duck tape can get you far but it can’t do everything (or can it?).  One thing is certain, knowing how to tie some knots can can save your life or help you have a more enjoyable outing. In this post you’ll find plenty fof video tutorials for essential knots. So grab some cord and practice

2 Nerdy Facts About Knots

Did you know that there is an International Guild of Knot Tyers?  It is a very nerdy collective, but their site is full of useful information. I see that title and expect to find a criminal underground of super-villains and henchmen but maybe that’s just me.

There are knots in mathematics too, but they are a little different. A mathematical knot is an embedding of a circle in 3 dimensional space, so  mathematical knots are closed—there are no ends to tie or untie this kind of knot.

7 Knots Every Scout Should Know

Trucker’s Hitch Knot

Clove Hitch

Bowline Knot

Chain Knot

Common Fishing Snell Knot

More Awesome Knot Resources.

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