Visual Thinking And Creativity

Do you remember visual thinking? Have you heard of it? It’s essentially visualization, a lost art these days. Ask yourself when the last time you staired at a blank wall or a fresh blank page of paper? These days our writing space has been replaced with watching space in many cases. The computers,televisions, and screens do the thinking for us. And yet, many basic problems and challenges persist. In a brief ode to Jim Henson, check out the two videos below about Visual Thinking. Then challenge yourself to unplug and try it.

Creative problem solving starts with a blank sheet, a clear mind and (as close as you can get to it) and your imagination. We inherit a set of limiting beliefs when it comes to the our cultural and business heritage and problem solving. Yet if we took the time (even a small bit of it) to dream up solutions to our problems, who knows where we’d be.

If you’re thinking that you don’t have the time to creatively solve your problems consider all the time you spend complaining and working around the issues, then re-evaluate and consider shifting to a mindset of creative problem solving or at the least, visual thinking.

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