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3 Benefits of Tactical Asset Protection

Tactical asset protection allows for the ability to keep your individual or business’s assets protected from creditor claims. Of course, this still has to operate within the bounds of debtor-creditor laws. But, it’s a wonderful option for millions of people out there and comes with several appealing benefits. Continue reading to learn 3 of the hottest benefits associated with tactical asset protection.

  1. Stay Protected From Lawsuits – As of this date, there are currently over 100 million lawsuits pending in the United States. On average, a new lawsuit is filed every 30 seconds and business owners typically pay $3,000 to $150,000 per case in legal costs. A proper legal structure can help keep you and you protected from lawsuits and having to pay unnecessary legal costs.
  2. Save Additional Money On Taxes – Businesses or individuals with an income of $100,000 to $150,000 could save 2.7% – 4.6%, which equates to between $2,700 and $6,900 in self employment taxes. A proper legal structure can reduce your capital gain taxes from things such as real estate, stocks and investments.
  3. Ensure The Succession Of Your Assets – When you pass, up to 50% of your assets could be lost to taxes and probate. At this day in age a will is often not enough to assure everything will be divided up the way you wish once you pass on. A properly structured trust can ensure that the successions of all your assets go exactly where you want them to.

In today’s volatile market environment, we tend to believe that looking beyond traditional fixed income for risk management is prudent. Investors that are considering tactical approaches should follow three little commandments: “sin a little,” think symmetrically and diversify. These commandments together can help investors tilt away from risky assets during periods of duress —without creating too much investor anxiety and invoking misbehavior.

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