Discovering Purpose: Realizing You Were Born For This

You know all those days where you wonder who you are and what your purpose is? And then a day comes, you see something so wrong going on, and people standing around doing nothing about it.  You’re staring down an angry mob, a group of people who not only disagree, but will tear you to shreds for expressing a dissenting opinion. The odds of success in the face of a colluding mass are absolutely against you.

Victory will earn you infamy and banishment from your tribe. Failure could kill you. And to withhold your character and integrity from yourself, would be high treason; spiritual suicide.

It’s a no-win situation, your own Kobayashi_Maru. And yet, right is right. You are you.

You aren’t one of the scared sheep that only finds courage in the crowd when others are leading. You are discerning, mindful, and virtuous. Integrity and authenticity aren’t buzzwords to you. They are consistency in word and deed, sincere expression of all you are and acknowledgement of all you are not.

So with conviction, a splinter of courage, a dab of defiance, and every ounce of creative grit you’ve got, you step-in, step-up, and do what needs doing. And something wonderful happens.

In the unfolding saga, long before victory is assured, you feel a profound connection and alignment to yourself. You’re filled with purpose and energy; a great belly of air and fire.

You realize you were born for this; that this is why God put you here, so you could do this.

This moment where despite the impending doom and uncertain outcome, this moment where you do something right, something far bigger than you, that requires every aspect of your character, every virtue and flaw, every ounce of stubborn wit, compassion, and presence. You know you’re a man. You know you’re a leader. You were born to sit in the chair. #thesearemypeople.

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