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Introducing #Heavy Rotation

We’re adding a new, much needed topic to our content mix, called Heavy Rotation. Normally, when you think of heavy rotation, you think of music, the same Top 40 played over and over again. This has influenced and shaped our culture, our psychology, values, and beliefs for decades. It’s not just about the sounds, but the ideas, beliefs, and choices we make because of the influence of HeavyRotation. And we’re putting a spin on the phrase. Now in the Digital Age, where information and physical goods get delivered to our door in mere moments at the push of a button, We have to talk about what we carry in our hands, heads and hearts as well, on repeat over and over again. 

In just about every bucket of life, we’re repeating patterns, the same mix of behaviors, choices, heuristics and preferences.  And we’re doing things in this certain way because they serve us in some way. Some of these tracks are awesome, and worthy of calling attention to and dialing up to an 11.  Then, on the other side, there’s a lot of it that is just mindless noise, or all the things we do to distract ourselves and hide from our fears to the point of sedation and stagnation. These tracks don’t serve us. And they too are worthy of attention so we can disrupt, hack, reject, fire or otherwise override and replace it with something better.

In #HeavyRotation We’re looking at everything: the gear we use, systems we rely on, the ideas and beliefs, mantras, music, ideas, and all things in between that keep our top 40 patterns playing out. 

HeavyRotation is also about honoring the battle-proven, products, services, ideas, places, people, who have stood the test of time in service to us building, living and enjoying The Heroik Life. We take much of this for granted though we choose and rely on these every day. Maybe we’ll write an Ode to a Honda Accord or Excel Spreadsheets.

The point is to call appreciation to things that work, and express some gratitude, and hopefully along the way, we identify opportunities to amplify the good stuff, and cut back on the negative patterns that hold us back. 

So not only will you find reviews of the proven, it is our hope that you will use the #HeavyRotation content to train your ability to discerningly curate and cultivate that which serves you. 

Topics covered in #HeavyRotation will include:

  • Gear, Gadgets, Cars, Media, Music, Hardware, Software, Apps and Services of All Kinds, 
  • Beliefs, Values, Filters, Heuristics, Principles, Ideas,
  • Behaviors, Activities, Habits.
  • Frameworks, Methods, Culture, Social Dynamics, Relationships, Psychology, 
  • Knowledge, Skills, Educational Resources, and more.

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE – You ever notice how there are no long-term reviews floating around out there?

You see reviews from people who’ve touched something or used it for 15 minutes at a launch event, or maybe a weekend test. This is especially true of technology, but technology and media dominate our culture so much, that every other category is given the same treatment. These don’t serve you, and they encourage you to waste more money.

Most of the review sites review premium, expensive items, as they earn some of their revenue from affiliation deals, and helping sell more products. These products are almost always the latest version, so an overwhelming majority of media is pushing newness, novelty, and using FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on a nuanced feature to pressure you to buy things. I suppose this is fine if you love what you recommend, but if the use-case isn’t clear, determining the value (and therefore the value of the review) is not in the consumers favor.

Looking at everything with a 1 year shelf life is an expensive and unhealthy habit. But that’s the best case scenario based on the media and reviews that float out there and recommend you buy the newer thing, because it’s 0.0001% better than the last year’s model, and you don’t want to be seen using last year’s model… This is unhealthy for you and bad for your bank account.

The habit of consuming only fresh new reviews creates an expensive bias in your mind – that only what is new is good, and what is newer is always what’s better than what came before. This is what helps you get addicted to always spending more money without thinking  about if the expense will serve you in a meaningful way that is aligned to your goals.

It makes us wonder about all that stuff we hang on to and take for granted…

What ever happened to admiring things that stand the test of time? The things we hold on to and don’t really notice because they work so well? From a social and economic perspective, it’s really hard to escape poverty if your mindset values only what is new, novel, and elevates attention and influence in the moment. 

What about all the things we rely on and use over and over and over again every day?

Imagine if you spent more time appreciating these things, just by shifting your attention to what is working, this in turn could steer attention, and yes real dollars to the parts of life that are in service to our actual goals. 

Few people reflect on what they love and use, what serves them well, and thus take for granted. Heavy Rotation is just one way, just one experimental activity, to help us take stock of what we’re doing as a company, as a movement, as a tribe, a group of like minded friends, and individuals as well.

As part of a greater effort, we will take look at and call attention to and share what serves and what lasted, what we believe keeps us Mission Ready For The Heroik Life, as well as what we decide to refine,  let go of, reject, and fire from our lives along the way.

In doing so, as a habit, this also allows us to overhaul our own systems of thinking, and ensures alignment with a deeper practice of pragmatism, gratitude, and generosity that will hopefully bring us greater acceptance of ourselves, our decisions, the nature of our work and so on.

This is about paying attention to what works, and the Heroik Golden Rule – Cultivate what serves you and reject what does not. Unapologetically hit the eject button on the blind, addictive, consumptive thinking, and train your brain to value what is battle-proven, fits your use-case, goals and time frames. 

So enjoy Heavy Rotation.

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